Top 7 Famous Mango Varieties of Pakistan

Let's explore the top 7 varieties that capture the essence of sweetness and flavor.

1. Chaunsa

Renowned for its exceptionally sweet and juicy flesh, Chaunsa mangoes are a favorite among mango enthusiasts worldwide.

2. Sindhri

Hailing from Sindh province, Sindhri mangoes are loved for their large size, smooth texture, and rich, buttery taste.

3. Anwar Ratol

Small yet mighty in flavor, Anwar Ratol mangoes are famous for their sweet and tangy taste, making them a must-try.

4. Langra

Characterized by its green skin and fiber-free flesh, Langra mangoes offer a refreshing taste and distinctive aroma.

5. Dussehri

Originating from Uttar Pradesh but widely grown in Pakistan, Dussehri mangoes are celebrated for their sweet, aromatic pulp.

6. White Chaunsa

A variant of the Chaunsa mango with a pale yellow skin and creamy texture, White Chaunsa mangoes provide a unique flavor experience.

7. Alphonso

Although originally from India, Alphonso mangoes thrive in Pakistan's climate, prized for their rich sweetness and smooth texture.

Enjoy Pakistan's Mango

Experience Pakistan's mango season from May to September, when these varieties reach peak ripeness and flavor.